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Thank you Uber Eats!

Not only did I get out of work early. But I also got some free food from Waba Grill using the Uber Eats app for the first time. To keep it under the $15.00 limit I made sure my food was like 8 bucks lol! I didn’t spend a dime. I’m a happy girl!

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By Coach BK

I absolutely love helping people. After spending several great years in radio, television, marketing & advertising. I finally decided to focus on taking better care of ME. Now, 200+ lighter I am now looking for more opportunities to help awesome people take back their health, renew their energy and love who they are...inside and out.

When i'm not helping others, I am usually at the gym or challenging myself at a new walking trail here in beautiful Southern California.

I love meeting new people and learning new things, so please feel free to say hello and share your fitness story with me.

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