Bakeisha (BK) McCall is originally from Albany, N. Currently residing in the beautiful sunshine state of California. Following a crippling childhood accident, BK had to endure learning how to re-walk again. She was left with metal pins in both of her upper legs to hold her bones together. Following the accident, BK faced depression and attempted suicide on multiple occasions.

She turned to food for comfort and friendship. Going from 175 pounds, to at her highest weight of 410 pounds.


Knowing that she was close to death if she didn’t take care of her weight, in 2016 BK decided to take her fitness journey seriously and received help from her trainer to lose the unwanted pounds. Changing her eating habits and exercising twice a day is how she got to where she is. No magic pills, no surgeries, no gimmicks…. just hard work.

BK is now a certified personal trainer and is a health and fitness coach. She plans to travel the country helping people take back their bodies and their overall health.

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