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How to eat healthy while still enjoying graduation party season

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 With the end of the year and warmer weather comes celebration. And celebration often means delicious, decadent food and lots of it. Whether it be at a graduation party, family reunion or backyard barbecue with friends, there always seems to be a scrumptious spread calling your name. And let’s not forget the dessert table.
Overindulging at one celebration might not be so bad, but what happens when you have three parties to attend in one weekend? Before you know it, you’ll find yourself feeling tired, bloated and a perhaps a few pounds heavier—just in time for swimsuit season.

So how can you keep your body happy and healthy without missing the fun that summer celebrations bring? Read on for nine tips on how to enjoy parties while still keeping your health in mind.

1. Eat before you go.

Heading out to a graduation soiree where you know there will be killer desserts? Try eating a light, healthy meal before you go. You won’t be hungry for the main event like fatty fried chicken and instead will have room for that slice of cake. Even the smallest snack can help when it comes to having control over the buffet table. Just remember, no matter what you do, don’t go to a party starving. You’re likely to enter a “see-all-eat-all” mentality and go overboard.

2. Bring a healthy dish to pass.

By bringing a dish to pass, you’ll at least know there will be one healthy option to eat. Serve yourself a portion of your healthy contribution and supplement it with smaller portions of a few more indulgent items. Not only can you keep your diet in check, but you’ll also enable others to enjoy a lighter option.

3. Taste test.

The first time you visit the food spread, take a little bit of everything you want to try. Give it all a taste and decide on your favorites. Then go back and dish up what you know you will truly enjoy. This will prevent you from eating foods that are just so-so to your taste buds but are also high in calories and fat.

4. Distract yourself.

After trip one to the dessert table, walk away. Don’t stand or sit near it, as this can increase the temptation to make a return trip. Instead, offer to help the host out with dishes, take a break from the party to walk around the park or venture to the backyard to check out what else might be going on.

5. Be active.

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After eating, don’t just sit around. Instead, get up and join in that slow-pitch softball game, round of cornhole or sand volleyball match. You might even burn enough calories to warrant an extra piece of cake!

6. Be mindful of your beverages.

Sure, nothing says it’s a party like a cold Spotted Cow or a fruity margarita. And by “a,” I mean one. Calories from beverages — whether it be from beer, mixed drinks, lemonade, punch or soda — can add up fast. Guzzle down two cans of Coke and you’ve just consumed 280 calories and nearly 80 grams of sugars. That’s about 20 teaspoons! Bottom line: it’s just as important to choose your beverages carefully as it is to choose your eats. Stick to one beverage of choice and then switch to water, diet soda or unsweetened tea.

7. Pack along a piece of gum.

After you’ve finished your first plate, whip out this little lifesaver. Choose a minty flavor to curb any cravings for another piece of chocolate cheesecake and to help take your mind off of food.

8. Balance your plate.

Just as you would for a typical dinner around the table at home, try to balance your plate. Load at least half of it with fruits and veggies, a quarter with lean protein, and the other quarter with grains. (Whole grains are best!)

9. Use a dessert plate.

Swing by the dessert table first before hitting up the food, but only to snatch a smaller, dessert-sized plate. Ditching an oversized dinner plate in favor of a smaller plate aids in portion control and will prevent you from overindulging right off the bat.

Now, I’d have to admit that part of the “party” is definitely the food, and that it’s perfectly okay to indulge every once in a while. But for all those other times, stick to these nine tips and you’ll be on your way to celebrating not only the occasion but also your commitment to a healthier lifestyle!


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12 Fun Facts About Exercising

Are you in need of work out motivation? Well you’re in luck because here are 12 fun facts about exercising that are sure to inspire you.

1. Music improves workout performance







Listening to music while exercising can improve work out performance by 15%.

2. Exercising improves brain performance








Cardiovascular exercise helps create new brain cells. This
improves brain power and brain activity.

3. Working out sharpens your memory














Exercising increases the production of cells that are responsible for learning and memory

4. Running burns calories!








If you run at a 10 minute per mile pace you can burn 104.3 calories per mile.

5. More muscle mass = burning more fat while resting









The more muscle mass you have, the more fat your body burns while resting.

6.Exercise prevents signs of aging







If you exercise 3 times a week for 45 minutes you can help prevent signs of aging.

7. A pound of muscle burns 3 times more calories than a pound of fat








Having more muscle than fat means you can consume more calories.

8. You get sick less often







Exercising on a regular basis helps boost your immune system.
This means you’ll get sick less often than people who don’t exercise.

9.Increases productivity








Exercising increases the amount of endorphins that are released into your body and increases productivity.

10. Workouts can improve the look of your skin






Sweat releases dirt through your pores which reduces acne and breakouts.
Workouts improve the overall look of your skin.

11. Exercising boosts self-confidence








Exercising can help ease your mind and rejuvenate your body. Working out will make you feel great and boost your confidence.

12 Working out helps you sleep better






If you’re someone who has trouble sleeping or staying asleep then working out
is your answer.Exercise helps to clear your head and helps you feel relaxed.


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How To Get Motivated To Workout:


Over 40% of women say that the reason they aren’t as fit and healthy as they would like is because of a lack of motivation. Another 40% say it’s because of laziness. So, how do you beat both laziness and a lack of motivation? You keep on reading, that’s how!

Here are 5 ways to get motivated and push your laziness aside – sure to get all 80% of you fit and healthy, fast!

Ask yourself why you want to get fit. Having a clear reason for working out and getting healthy – one that matters to you! – is the best way to get motivated and stay that way. So, figure out your reason (it will be different for everyone!). Maybe you want to be healthy to live a long life for your children or perhaps you want to be able to climb the stairs without getting winded at work. So, spend time figuring out why you want to get fit and remind yourself of your reason regularly. Set an alarm on your phone to remind you or set your computer background with an image that will keep you focused. If you can keep the reason you want to be fit in the forefront of your mind, you will stay motivated to get to the gym without even thinking about it!


Have fun. Finding a workout you enjoy is one of the easiest ways to ensure you stay motivated (and not bored!). It’s hard to stay motivated to do something you hate, but, if you can find an exercise you love, it will be easy! Not into running in circles around a track or elliptical training? Think outside the box! Plan a dance party with friends, take in intenSati class or make a deal with yourself that you can only watch your favorite TV show while moving!

workout 2

Set realistic goals. It’s easy to lose motivation when your goals are so lofty that you feel defeated before you’ve even begun. So, let’s change that! Instead of deciding to workout every day if you haven’t been to the gym in 6 months, aim to workout just 1 day each week at first. One easy way to ensure your workout goals are manageable is to try to increase your fitness by just 10% each week by either adding 10% more time to your workouts, 10% more weight while strength training or 10% more repetitions every 7 days.

Reward yourself. Each of us are motivated by different things – for some of us, working towards a new pair of shoeswill do the trick while others may be more motivated by the dream of a vacation. Give yourself a point for each goal you achieve (maybe you keep track of the number of miles you run or the number of dance classes you attend) and, when you hit a certain number of points, splurge on something that makes you happy! Need more constant reinforcement? Set smaller goals and reward yourself more often with smaller, more manageable rewards (like a dinner out!).

workout 3.gif

Reevaluate often. If you’re starting to feel lazy, be honest with yourself (without passing judgment) and start from scratch. Reevaluate why you want to get fit and redefine your answer. Find a new workout to try, alter your goals or change your reward system.



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That’s some real beef! Wendy’s goes head-to-head with fellow fast-food chain Wingstop in a sassy, pun-filled RAP BATTLE on Twitter

  • The battle began when Wingstop shared a re-purposed rap verse from Migos’ song Bad and Boujee to which Wendy’s responded with: ‘Sit down, be humble’
  • What ensued was a prolific swapping of raps that ended with Wendy’s declaring victory, telling its opponent ‘you crossed the boss and straight got told’

Wendy’s has become well known for cultivating a Twitter presence so sassy that no other fast food chain dare step up to challenge it – until now.

The latest target of the chain’s online sass is chicken wing restaurant Wingstop, whose re-purposing of a rap verse got Wendy’s all riled up.

It all began on Monday when Wingstop wrote some lines based on the words from Migos’ song Bad and Boujee.

Head-to-head: Wendy's and Wingstop faced off in an epic Twitter rap battle earlier this weekHead-to-head: Wendy's and Wingstop faced off in an epic Twitter rap battle earlier this week

Head-to-head: Wendy’s and Wingstop faced off in an epic Twitter rap battle earlier this week

Putting it out there: It all began when the chicken wings restaurant wrote some lines based on the words from Migos¿ song Bad and Boujee

Putting it out there: It all began when the chicken wings restaurant wrote some lines based on the words from Migos’ song Bad and Boujee

Hit back: Wendy's responded with a line from a Kendrick Lamar song

Hit back: Wendy’s responded with a line from a Kendrick Lamar song

‘Gamestop, Wingstop. Copped a new game for the [Xbox]. Saucin’ and tossin’ our wings in a pot, pot. We got that Original Hot, Hot,’ reads the tweet.

Wendy’s apparently took the verse to be stepping into its turf of clever Twitterisms and shot back with a quote from Kendrick Lamar: ‘Sit down, be humble.’

But instead of backing down, Wingstop took on the challenge, turning Wendy’s own marketing slogan against it.

‘Be there. Done that. Bring something fresh… not frozen,’ the restaurant shot back.

Throwing it back: Wingstop wasn't deterred, turning Wendy's own slogan back on it

Throwing it back: Wingstop wasn’t deterred, turning Wendy’s own slogan back on it

Escalating quickly: Soon enough, both chains were spitting verses fast and furious

Escalating quickly: Soon enough, both chains were spitting verses fast and furious

Peace out: Wendy's has become well known for being the standard in sassy social media

Peace out: Wendy’s has become well known for being the standard in sassy social media

Great rhymes: Name-calling didn't take long to appear in the raps

Great rhymes: Name-calling didn’t take long to appear in the raps

Things just escalated from there, with Wendy’s busting out a slick verse in reply, not only using its famous slogan, but also dropping in a mention of the chain’s popular frozen ice cream dessert.

‘Fresh, never frozen since 69. Trying to cop that mixtape, better get in line. Grabbed a couple wings now you’re trying to fly. But nothing gets ’em dipping like a Frosty and fry.’

Wingstop took just seven minutes to hit back with: ‘A frosty and a fry? Giiiirl bye. Wingstop flavor bringin’ all the cravers! They eat us now and save you for later.’

Things only became more vicious, with Wendy’s calling Wingstop ‘a laughless clown, or a king that’s throneless’ before suggesting it serves up its wings ‘uuuuhhhhhhh boneless.’

Not so much: Wingstop declared picking burgers over chicken to be 'weak'

Not so much: Wingstop declared picking burgers over chicken to be ‘weak’

Winding it down: Wendy's kept things going with 'bars on a warm toasted bun'

Winding it down: Wendy’s kept things going with ‘bars on a warm toasted bun’

Flying high: Wingstop kept coming back again and again

Flying high: Wingstop kept coming back again and again

Hitting home: Wendy's tried to finish things off by declaring Wingstop 'crossed the boss and straight got told'

Hitting home: Wendy’s tried to finish things off by declaring Wingstop ‘crossed the boss and straight got told’

More shade was thrown as Wingstop suggested choosing burgers over wings was ‘weak’ and Wendy’s claimed to be ‘serving up bars on a warm toasted bun.’

In the end, Wendy’s finished its offering with the line: ‘We know why the chicken crossed the road. But you crossed the boss and straight got told.’

Wingstop came back with: ‘You’re queen of retweets with no soul. We’re king of flavor & everything else for that matter. You talk a good game but it’s all chatter.’

After the dust had settled, Twitter users seemed to agree with the legendary burger chain, with one writing: ‘Drake boutta get Wendy’s as his next ghostwriter.’

Another user asked: ‘Are you gonna send them a frosty for that burn @Wendys?’

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