8 Things Trainers Wish Everyone Knew About Weight Loss

IT’S BETTER NOT TO HAVE WEIGHT LOSS AS YOUR PRIMARY GOAL You might be thinking, “What? How can this not be the goal if it’s why I’m training?”

4 Healthy Swaps to Help You Lose Weight

Although you work out and stay physically fit, you can always boost your efforts to make healthy choices and stave off extra pounds. To start, try these healthy lifestyle swaps which can impact your overall well-being.

Find your workout motivation — art of being fabulous

If improving your fitness is on your priority list; success means planning to make it happen. Think about your reason for wanting to make your change, is it weight loss, weight gain, overall health improvements? Decide if your reason is enough to support your dedication. For example, if you’re trying to lose weight, is it […] … Continue reading Find your workout motivation — art of being fabulous

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