Jessica H.

April 2019

Starting weight: 207
Current: 190
So, this is my body. I may not like her very much at times, but I’m proud of her and what she’s accomplished. I used to be a dancer with the perfect, muscular body. Somewhere down the line, my metabolism slowed down, the chips overtook me, and I started drowning in my weight gain. I honestly felt like I needed to just accept my size because I was too far gone. I hated taking photos (something I’ve always loved) because I felt like a whale. Let me tell you how hard it is being a “big girl” in the OC. You feel inferior and out of place. 
I promised I would post my progress pictures before I left for Vegas. It might not seem like much, but it’s a lot to me. I didn’t do any bullshit diets, nor am I trying to sell you some program. I woke up, I made better food choices, and I put in the work. We all struggle with something- this is mine- and all I want to do is share it with you. 
I’ve worked really hard (sometimes at 530am 😵) and I’m enjoying seeing the changes, even if they’re small. My biggest challenge has been to not focus on the scale, but to focus on how I feel and how things fit. 
My trainer and dearest friend have helped me keep a positive mind and supportive mind- BE NICE TO YOURSELF ❤️. Bakeisha McCall is a kick a$$ trainer and this change is due to her.

Carmen H.

BK’s work quality is what is expected of her; high standard. She is great at what she does and Compassionate and Dedicated. BK’s Professionalism is expert. She has the skills and tools necessary to do her job. Her Responsiveness is reacting to people and showing emotion. BK’s Values is the measure of passion that is based purely on her qualities which are derived from her experience. Her Punctuality strengthens and reveals her integrity, she is dependable, she shows that she cares about her Clients by being on time, by being there waiting for me, gives me confidence for a great workout.

Kimberly M.

Amazing trainer. BK makes working out a great, fun, educating and very productive experience. The list came go on. You feel great about yourself and more encouraged to get your day going not to mention the energy level is outstanding. I highly recommend BK! She has an amazing personality and is very patient at the same time very focused on what she does. Very enjoyable experience. She has been there for me at very critical times when I needed her. She’s an ear to talk to at the same time of educating you to take care of yourself and teaches you how to properly take care of yourself. I haven’t found anyone else like her. She’s a keeper! Thank you BK!😁

LaQuinn R.

She is very professional, and her work ethic is second to none! She gives you as much as u can handle but very encouraging at the same time, you guys should give it a try, it was a very good experience, You wont regret it, ty very much❤️ Your an inspiration and i will take what ive learned and continue to incorporate it in my every day life!

Adam H.

“I have worked with BK for almost a years. She is skilled, thoughtful, sensible, and a pleasure to work with and talk to. She knows just how and when to encourage and when to push, though never too much. Highest recommendation.”