Carmen H.

BK’s work quality is what is expected of her; high standard. She is great at what she does and Compassionate and Dedicated. BK’s Professionalism is expert. She has the skills and tools necessary to do her job. Her Responsiveness is reacting to people and showing emotion. BK’s Values is the measure of passion that is based purely on her qualities which are derived from her experience. Her Punctuality strengthens and reveals her integrity, she is dependable, she shows that she cares about her Clients by being on time, by being there waiting for me, gives me confidence for a great workout.

Published by Coach BK

I absolutely love helping people. After spending several great years in radio, television, marketing & advertising. I finally decided to focus on taking better care of ME. Now, 200+ lighter I am now looking for more opportunities to help awesome people take back their health, renew their energy and love who they are...inside and out. When i'm not helping others, I am usually at the gym or challenging myself at a new walking trail here in beautiful Southern California. I love meeting new people and learning new things, so please feel free to say hello and share your fitness story with me.