Jessica H.

April 2019

Starting weight: 207
Current: 190
So, this is my body. I may not like her very much at times, but I’m proud of her and what she’s accomplished. I used to be a dancer with the perfect, muscular body. Somewhere down the line, my metabolism slowed down, the chips overtook me, and I started drowning in my weight gain. I honestly felt like I needed to just accept my size because I was too far gone. I hated taking photos (something I’ve always loved) because I felt like a whale. Let me tell you how hard it is being a “big girl” in the OC. You feel inferior and out of place. 
I promised I would post my progress pictures before I left for Vegas. It might not seem like much, but it’s a lot to me. I didn’t do any bullshit diets, nor am I trying to sell you some program. I woke up, I made better food choices, and I put in the work. We all struggle with something- this is mine- and all I want to do is share it with you. 
I’ve worked really hard (sometimes at 530am 😵) and I’m enjoying seeing the changes, even if they’re small. My biggest challenge has been to not focus on the scale, but to focus on how I feel and how things fit. 
My trainer and dearest friend have helped me keep a positive mind and supportive mind- BE NICE TO YOURSELF ❤️. Bakeisha McCall is a kick a$$ trainer and this change is due to her.