Kimberly M.

Amazing trainer. BK makes working out a great, fun, educating and very productive experience. The list came go on. You feel great about yourself and more encouraged to get your day going not to mention the energy level is outstanding. I highly recommend BK! She has an amazing personality and is very patient at the same time very focused on what she does. Very enjoyable experience. She has been there for me at very critical times when I needed her. She’s an ear to talk to at the same time of educating you to take care of yourself and teaches you how to properly take care of yourself. I haven’t found anyone else like her. She’s a keeper! Thank you BK!😁

Published by Coach BK

I absolutely love helping people. After spending several great years in radio, television, marketing & advertising. I finally decided to focus on taking better care of ME. Now, 200+ lighter I am now looking for more opportunities to help awesome people take back their health, renew their energy and love who they are...inside and out. When i'm not helping others, I am usually at the gym or challenging myself at a new walking trail here in beautiful Southern California. I love meeting new people and learning new things, so please feel free to say hello and share your fitness story with me.